Charter House replies Pataapa over VGMA snub

8 months ago | | Ghana


Head of Communication at Charter House, George Quaye dismissed claims by Pataapa.

Furthermore, it was about whether or not the organisers of this year’s VGMA had a say in the award of the Most Popular Song of the Year category.

Moreover, his comment comes on the back of allegation by Patapaa. His song ‘One corner’ hit song was tipped to win the award. However, he didn’t win it.

Patapaa accused Charter House of taking “stupid money” to overlook him.

He reacted to Patapaa’s allegation on the Executive Breakfast Show on Class91.3FM.


George Quaye’s reaction to Pataapa’s claims

“It is unfortunate for Patapaa to suggest that there have been some kind of financial influence, that who influenced who? That the person influenced the public or the person influenced the academy or the person influenced the board because I don’t know who on the board anybody can influence, it’s not possible. So at which point did who influence who? The only way you can influence the public is to probably buy credit for people to vote for you, that is about the only way you can influence anyone but aside that, I don’t know.”

A section of Ghanaians took to social media to criticise Charter House for not awarding the Most Popular Song of the Year to Patapaa’s one corner song. However, Mr Quaye quizzed “did you vote”?


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