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K. Michelle

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R&B Singer and reality TV Star K. Michelle is making big moves in 2018, or smaller moves depending on how you look at it.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star recently shared on The Real daytime talk show that she is getting her butt enhancements removed.

Her reasons for getting them and reasons for removing them are interesting and heartbreaking all at the same time.

According to the American singer, she almost died from complications she suffered as a result of her butt implant surgery.

Talking to radio morning show, Ebro in the Morning, Michelle said her insecurities as a black woman led her to alter her body drastically.


She confessed that she did not appreciate her skin tone and fuller lips enough.

She shared, “I had a big a$$. I already had one. It was insecure. I was like, ‘I want a big a$$, I want some titties, I want some teeth. This is what I wanna do.’ I just did it. It felt good. It was a temporary bandage on some issues with me, and it felt good at the moment. Now I just want to be me, who my mama made me.”

Not only is she getting back to herself, it her implants and butt enhancement shots are not affecting her health.


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