Women who aren’t married but have s*x are ‘prostitutes’ - Counsellor Lutterodt

9 months ago | Ghnews360.com | Ghana

Counselor George Luterodt

Counselor George Luterodt has stated without mincing words that women who go all the way down with men to whom they’re not married to are prostitutes.

“Prostitution is sexual intercourse in exchange of gifts, money, presents and any other pleasurable thing requested or not requested,” Counselor Lutterodt’s definition of who a prostitute is.

Speaking on TV Africa, Counselor Lutterodt indicated that all Ghanaian women are sexually active but are not married are classified as prostitutes.

He went further to state that even those Ghanaian women who say they’re sleeping with their so-called boyfriends because of love and don’t receive any gifts, are considered as one of the most disgraceful creations of God.


He however admitted that prostitutes are one of the people he respects and admires most on earth, because they are safe to be with.

“Every Ghanaian woman sleeping around and is not married is a prostitute per my definition of prostitution. Also, Ghanaian women who sleep with their boyfriends without asking anything or because of love, are one of the most disgraceful creations of God,” Counselor Lutterodt said.


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