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8 months ago | | Ghana

Moesha Boduong and John Dumelo

Popular Actor John Dumelo hinks the much pubicised statement made by socialite Moesha Boduong is true to an extent but the decision to apply it to all African women was “wrong.”

Boduong revealed In a video interview that she sleeps with a married man to take care of herself, and gave the impression that young women in the country do the same.

The comment led to a lost of backlash online especially and also generated lots of discussion in homes, workplaces and publc transport.

Dumelo thought that, it would have been better if she said 'some women', and not make it a general situation.

“Maybe what she should have said was that some women including herself, would probably have something to do with a man who would give her rent or give something of that sort in return for certain favours,” explained the actor to Daniel Dadzie, host of the Super Morning Show on JOY FM. “What I find wrong is that she generalised it and said every woman in Ghana depends on a man financially.”


John was quick to add that there are equally other men who depend on women for their survival.

John Dumelo also shared personal experiences where some ladies ladies asked him for favours, and were ready to pay with sex.

“I have been in situations where ladies have messaged me to say that ‘…I need to pay my rent or my school fees or some favour in return I’ll offer you something;…” recalled Dumelo. “I told the girl that I wouldn’t do that. ‘If you want money, I’ll give you your money for your rent or whatever it is but I’m not going to give you in return for your sexual favours or anything’.”


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