Video: A ‘competent’ wife is the one who makes ‘noise’ during sex’ - TV Presenter

8 months ago | | Ghana

Abena Ghana

Many if not all marriages are entered to because of sex. Many studies have shown that sex is a very integral part of marriage.

IDue to this fact TV personality, Cecilia Konamah, aka Abena Ghana, advised wives to spice up their love-making by using ‘modifiers’ like moaning and groaning (making noise).

She made it clear that women should not show their skills only in the kitchen but in the bedroom too.

Abena Ghana was advising her viewers on Abugyen on Taabea TV whilst she and her guest were discussing issues that come up in marriages.


The marriage and sex expert reiterated that married couples have to sustain their marriages by giving each other very good sex.


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