Moesha Boduong hits back at hypocritical Ghanaians for insulting her over CNN interview

8 months ago | | Ghana

Moesha Boduong

Actress and Nudist, Moesha Buduong has taken to facebook to descend on Ghanaians for hitting hard on her over a 'truth told'. 

In the facebook post, Moesha accepted her fate as a sinner and as such adaviced her colleague sinners to keep calm and allow the 'saints' to throw stones at them. 

Throwing the stones, she further adviced hem to pick up the stones by the saints and use it to build a house; indirectly, calling all those criticizing her as hypocrites. 

Her comment in the interview; 

“In Ghana our economy is in such a way that you need someone to just take care of you [because] you can’t make enough money as a woman here.

“Even when you want to get an apartment, you have to pay for two years advance and I just started working so where am I going to get that money to pay for an apartment for two years.”


“He takes care of me, my financial stuff, my apartment, my car, my rent – everything.” 

She captioned her facebook post; 

Allow the Saints to Throw Stones At You ... gather them and Use it to Build Your house .. GoodMorning 


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