Moesha Boduong 'disgraces womanhood' as she reveals how sleeps with married men to maintain her slay life on CNN (Video)

8 months ago | | Ghana

Moesha Boduong

Moesha Boduong who once revealed she an interview with CNN and could not stop making noise about about it on social media. 

Speaking to @camanpour on the CNN show dubbed "Love And Sex Around The World", Moesha said she sleeps with the man to be able to afford her bills and other stuff. 

According to her, Ghana's economy is very bad and as such Ghanaian women including he resort to these rich men to cater for them especially their house rent. She futher explained why by giving an example of how in Ghana one is asked to pay 2years advance before you are giving the room.

Being asked what she gives in return, she said she offers her man s*x and loyalty. 


Moesha Gets Ghanaians Upset - Speaking On CNN She Says Ghanaian Women Need Men To Take Care Of Them Because The Economy Is Bad

Her comments has sparked an outrage and she's being grilled for what many describe as loose talk whilst others agree with her. Check our instastory for some reactions to her comments.


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